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away from a mother and her cub. >> cheating allegations against the defending champions of the america's cup and we will hear from the limed time in in japan. we found this on ebay, a set of seven bags for 50 bucks. no thanks. >>> that's "america's money." i'm diana perez. >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door seven things to know. developing news in oakland after a double shooting left a woman dead. we will show you that video in a little bit. the shooting happened before midnight and a man was lit by gunshots and rubbed to -- rusheo the local hospital. >> there is going to be a major traffic headache because the bay bridge will shut down for five days during labor day weekend. this will be a wide impact on commuters. >> protests are taking to the streets in cairo over the state of emergency. demonstrators call for a day of rage after the deaths of 600 people if a police crackdown on two sit ins on wednesday supporting ousted president morsi. >> the principal at palo alto high school is wanting students -- warning students, no streaking. they want to stop a streaki
zealand will face off against oracle team usa for the 34th america's cup and clinched the cup yesterday after it beat italy in the best 13 series taking on defending champ oracle starting september 7. >> several things we are following, the let of thunderstorms in the sierra, and summer warmth back in our forecast and the quids -- kids are headed back to school. >> traffic is pouring into the tolls and not seeing any delays but we have a severe traffic advisory in guerneville. >> this morning, two thieves are in custody because of the courage of a twelve-year-old boy. authorities say dion was alone when two burglars broke into his home and he called 9-1-1 and hid in a closet. he stayed on the phone with the dispatcher who reassured him. >> 9-1-1? >> the thieves broke in the house. >> what room are you in? >> my mother's room. >> stay on the phone with me. >> i am whispering because they are coming in. >> i am scared. >> they are inside the home now. >> more on this story coming up on "good morning america" and you can catch that at 7:00 right here on abc7 news. >> it was a flash from th
involved. also emirates new zealand now just a win away to advance to go the america's cup final against the oracle team. what stopped them from >> welcome back. isolates 5:13 on this sunday morning. thanks for waking up so early to join us for the abc7 sunday morning news. this is a live look from the emeryville cam. in that city a little bit of drizzle going on right now. in the low 60s. not much warmer later today. maybe into the high 60s. lisa argen will have all the facts and figures and your forecast if a few minutes. >> authorities are investigating what led a strucking company employ' to go on a shooting spree that left two former colleagues dead and two others injured. the 72-year-old huberert allen junior shot them yesterday at several locations around florida. allen first shot and killed a 28-year-old former coworker, then went a short distance and fatally shot his 80-year-old former boss. later he shot and wounded two other men before going home and killing himself. >>> new this morning, ousted egyptian president miew baric will be in court today to face retrial in connection
and the giants take on the baltimore orioles at 1:05 and the bay has semi finals the prelude to america's cup on the embarcadero. >> so were going on in the bay area this weekend and we have the raiders going on so the weather is very important. >> we will start with the outside lands music festival. you can see golden gate park and the forecast for today at noon is dry but mostly cloudy and 59. more sunshine by 3:00 and 61. low cloud and drizzle developing by 9:00. and 56. be prepared. if you were watching paul mccartney it could be damp. from the exploritorium to san francisco the next 12 hours show drizzle through the morning. temperatures in the 50's. we will be dry at noon with sunshine breaking through the clouds and 58 at the coast. clouds by 4:00. 60 at the coast and only 76 inland. grab the coats it will be cool. most of us will be in the 60's. temperatures today compared to average are three degree cooler this oakland and san francisco and 73 and 65 and napa and livermore, seven or eight or nine degrees cooler than average. possibly up to 80 if livermore. more 80's in the forecast t
and cable tv. >>> humble county is often called america's marijuana frontier. and we are learning of the serious danger the area poses to bears and mammals. authorities found are more than 16,000 marijuana plants and enough poison to kill more than 750 black bears and armies of road ents. this week's raise targeted areas near willow crick, hupa valley and orleans. the pesticides are killing mammals like these fissures. they are truckloads of plastic pipe being removed from the ground. >>> new this morning president obama is call on congress to act on his plan that he says is a better bargain for the middle class. in his weekly address the president says the country has fought it's way back from the recession and started to lay a foundation for stronger economic growth but he says more work needs to be done. he said middle class family needs help finding jobs, owning homes and getting healthcare and securing retirement. >> there are no gimmicks when it comes to jobs. there are no tricks. ' versing the middle class security in this country, the erosion, won't be easy but if we work
morning america" coming up at 7:00 after our newscast. >> the high-speed rail project has hit a snag, two lawmakers are asking forren a audit to investigate how the rail authority is buying land. republicans from fresno want to make sure the land owners can appeal the appraise am value. authorities received the light to receive prime farmland in two counties and the high-speed rail project is to go from san diego and the bay area and sacramento and the request will be heard later this month. >> the energy bill could go up for a lot different reasons, right, but hackers? here is the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. bad news if you are trying to save on utilities the electric bill could go up. large utilities including pepco are raising rates to protect from hackers. if you have a child with a smartphone think twice before they take it to school. a study that insures the iphones says in 18 months, these out of ten teens damaged the mobile phones by dropping them and most of the citizens happen -- accidents at school. science can now extend the life span of animals but a new resea
and the potential for thunderstorms tonight when we return. >> thank you, lisa. at the america's cup two sail lores swept overboard during competition. we will tell you what happens. and a new lead in the death of >> this morning egypt's interim prime minister is considering drastic mood to end the violence by disbanding the muslim brother hood. yesterday security officers stormed a mosque where supporters of ousted egyptian president morsi were holdup. the raid follows fears the muslim brother hood plans to organize another sit-in. violence killed more than 800 people in the last week. >>> how will the u.s. respond to the escalating crisis in egypt. on "this week" george stephanopoulos talks with senator bob corker and house foreign affairs ranking member elliot angle. join george stephanopoulos for "this week" at 8:00 a.m. here on abc7. >>> the impose of a building in the east way campus at cal state is more than the i am blowing, it's helping scientists learn about earthquakes. it collapsed into a pile of rubble yes. how scientists plan to use the implosion to understand how the bay area is affe
the day. >> and a plan to bring tigers to a california community and we will hearges. >>> that's "america's money." make it a great day. i'm john muller. >> good morning, whether you are just joining us or head out the door, seven thing you need to know: it is dry. live doppler 7 hd shows thunderstorms are threatening the north bay. that bring as high fire danger. two, the red flag warning has everyone on heightened alert. keep 100 feet of defensible space around your home for days like today. >> three, a massive wildfire is raging near yosemite. highway 120 is closed in both directions. more camp sites are evacuated. the fire has burned 10,000 acres and destroyed two homes. >> four, a sit in outside mayor lee's office ended when police cited dozens of protesters at city hall. many demonstrators are demanding the mayor take a public stand to keep accreditation to prevent the closure of the college. >> today is six weeks since 21-month-old daphne webb was reported missing. the tip line will be in front of the arena for thousands to see. >> stunning request from the family of james dimaggio
was may of 2011. >> the boy scouts of america is threatening to take an oakland-based nonprofit to court because of the name, and the use of the word "scouts" is the problem. hacker scouts on the right says they have received a letter from the boy scouts demanding they drop "scouts" from the name or face a lawsuit. hacker scouts focuses on science for kids say they hope to reach a compromise and we post add copy of the letter on our website at abc7news.com. >> coming up, being a good neighborhood, facebook's gift for lucky students headed back to class today. hannah anderson speaks out for the first time since being kidnapped and held in idaho against her will. at 6:00 hour, the internet backlash yahoo's marissa >> hannah anderson is speaking for the first time to set the record straight about her kidnapping and the relatesship with the kidnapper. she was kidnapped by james dimaggio after he killed her mother and 8-year-old brother. the search warrants say anderson and dimaggio exchanged 13 phone calls but she says they were text not calls so she could tell him where to pick her up. she
at this time of the morning: which coffee change does the biggest blast of caffeine? >> bank of america facing more mortgage-related lawsuits. jane king has the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, more mortgage-related problems for bank of america, that could face civil charges brought by the justice department and the securities and exchange commission related to jumbo home loans they sold to investors. the bang says that the fcc could take action against the merrill lynch unit. the new york attorney general could bring claims over residential mortgages. the post office has an idea for making money delivering alcohol. the postmaster general says they have look into the possibility using special boxes that would hold two, four, or six bottles and ship for a flat rate to anywhere in the united states. they sometime the delivering alcohol has the potential to raise up to 50 million a year. which coffee chain packs the most caffeine? the numbers were crunched and starbucks has 21 milligrams of caffeine per ounce compared to 13 for dunkin' donuts and nine for mcdonald's. that is the news f
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america" will have a full report on the investigation coming up at 7:00. >> happening thousand in southern california, hundreds of homes are threatened in riverside county as 500 firefighters battle a 6,000 acre wildfire that is burning 20 miles from palm springs. our reporter has the latest. >> home after home went up in flames at the raging inferno east of los angeles buns. >> the wind pushes it, as it moves to the east, it will continue to do that as the wind pushes it that way with the fuel. >> the fire has consumed several thousand acres and last night the firefighters conceded that there was no containment. >> depend on what the wind does it could change direction as the cooling moving in the opposite direction. as we move to that, we are going do have a different firefight. >> mandatory evacuations want into affect last night for several communities in harm's way. emergency shelters were set up in riverside county for anyone needing a place to spend the night. >> they got too close. too close. the fire is 100' away from us. >> several hundred firefighters are involved in the battle
will be a guest on "good morning america" tomorrow to talk more about this personal mission. "good morning america" airs at 7:00 a.m. after the abc7 news only news. >> now a check of the weather forecast. >> lack of clouds in the east bay hills and the east pay valley with mount tab low in the distance. that is a reason why you are going to be some of the warmest, you going to get sunshine as soon as it is up with the solar panels you get the negative today. 89 is normal, and 90 in livermore and everyone is one degree warmer-than-average but redwood city is two degrees behind and mid-90's to 100 an the state from the central valley and fresno and yosemite and 82 in tahoe and 80 in los angeles. leyla gulen? the altamont pass is not where you want to be because of a stalled big rig that is getting off the freeway at livermore avenue. it is causing enough pain to add five extra minutes to the compute. from tracy to livermore you are looking at 40 to 45 minutes and bumper-to-bumper traffic coming away from 205 at 31 miles per hour. now, other areas of the bay are moving loan fine southbound along 101
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to get up-close and personal with bees today. and allegations of cheating in the america cup's races draws angry words from the accused. and teaching at >> good morning, welcome back. we are starting with a quick first look at the weather. here's lisa argen. >> here's a look at emeryville. cool temperatures in the north bay with 54 in santa rosa, 68 in napa. we are looking at low 60s as you head inland toward concord, livermore and the delta. numbers, once again, will be on the warm side today, especially inland. but as we take a look at oakland right now, it should be a pleasant day there with temperatures ranking from the low 70s to the upper 70s in downtown oakland. partial afternoon clearing once again at our coast. it will be mild so not as cool as we could be with low to mid-60s. actually it says cool, but it is going to feel aings bit on the mild side, even at the shoreline. low to mid-ed 0s inland. we are warm, warmer tomorrow. the details coming up for some thunderstorms, as well, a bit later in the work week. katie. >> thank you, lisa. new this morning, president obama is p
and where they are planning to go. >> it is not just america's cup but boat racing history is in the bay area right now. >> apple has acquired transit for a move that will bolster public transit direction in the maps app. the school season is right around the corner and if you are stumped for what tech gear to bring, the tech editor has a few suggestions. >> if the laptop the top is mac which is more pricey than the windows 8, but at $1,000 you get a good bang for the buck. this year i likes nexus7 which is thinner than the ipad mini. >> there is a gender gap with teens for apps that track hoax. according to a study, 59 percent of teen girls turned off location tracking features compared to only 37 percent of boys. those are the tech >> covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning, a look at the san francisco skyline and the temperatures are warming up today and traffic so far, well, not is bad. sue is following that. mike has the forecast. stick around. >> checking our news, two concord men are under arrest after they were linked
in america, bar none, and arguably the strongest bridge in the world. >> over the years, as with any project of this size, there would be problems n2005 bad welds made headlines and prompted investigations. more recently galvanized seismic safety bolts cracked when tight end. their failure threatened the opening. critics asked why they were installed in the first place. temporary shims are in lace to make the bridge safer while they go in. now the bay area's newest landmark, the new eastern span and it's eye king white tower with a $6.2 billion price tag is opening. it's impossible to say when tolls will pay off the bonds that funded it, as the toll authority frequently refinance take advantage of changing economic conditions. abc7 news. >> incredible to look back. the san francisco bay ferry is offering added service on a number of its routes during the shut down. thursday and fry that will include service out of vallejo, almeda, oakland and harbor bay. the next weekend vallejo will operate their regular weekend service but there will be expanded service from the other places. and there is
snowden spent two days in the russian consulate in hong kong before trying to get to latin america. he flew to now in june with plans to go on to cue because and bolivia. snowden never boarded the plight to cuba. if the report is true it suggests greater russian involvement in hissests to escape justice in america than the russian government acknowledged. >> ahead, the dole apple could be about to dangle in your face to get you to by a new iphone. >> president's testimony release ed, ford talking about the woman who tried to assassinate him. >> what is leading to the supersizing of american homes and a community that is part of >> attention iphone users, apple could pay you for your old phone. a website quotes sources as saying the company will launch a trade in program allowing owners of older iphones to upgrade to newer models at a discount. you have to be eligible for an upgrade but you can get up to $250 for a new phone. the site reports that the program is already available and has been for weeks at some stores. >> you have everything you need when you are away from the tv. at yos
each other. that's the majesty of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. >> whether you are just joining are head out the door, here are seven things to know. governor brown ordered a seven day inquiry into the bart dispute so trains will run for a week. the biggest unions are at odds over a new contract. >> commuters who found out that bart trains will continue to run this morning say it is a huge relief. they say they can relax for now if l until negotiators work something out. >> three, 40 trains are running on time. right now the bay bridge toll plaza is loading up in the cash-paying lanes and the fast track is moving, too, but we do not have much traffic on the freeways. >> breaking news in san jose where a fire put 120 residents out of an apartment home. they got out safely. the two apartments where it starts are destroyed and power is out for several other apartments. >> united states embassies and consulates across the middle east and north africa remain closed this morning. the united states intercepted communications from al-qaeda affiliate in y
to the challengers final. the louie diutton winner faces the america's cup winner. >>> a man was armed with a nine inch blade and charged officers thursday on san peed degree avenue. police went to the home after the man called 911 and said he had just killed someone a woman's body, believed to be his estranged wife, was found in the home. both of their identities have not been released. >>> governor jerry brown is going to the u.s. supreme court over prison overcrowding. he has officially asked the justice toss overturn a lower court ruling that orders california to cut its prison population by 10,000. brown contends violent felons will have to be set free if the order is followed. >>> in the first of its kind study, scientists have pinpointed differences in the developing brain that may increase the risk of cognitive disabilities like attention deficit hyperactivity disorders. doctors are now hoping to develop tests that could offer a much earlier diagnosis. abc7 news anchor carolyn johnson reports. >>> born four months early, it's hard to know what kind of health or behavioral issues this preii
freedom ring." people across america if their hearts believe freedom should ring for everyone. >> this afternoon, bells from church towers this washington to government buildings an the world will ring in honor of the famous phrase "let freedom read." >> thank you very much. stay with abc7 news and we have continuing cork on the march on washington the 50th anniversary when president obama speaks from the steps today of the memorial we will carry a special report expected some time after our 11 a.m. news and you can get updates throughout the day on twitter@abcnewsbayarea. >> 5:16. "new york times" website is down a hacker group calls itself the syrian electronic army is claiming responsibility and when trying to access the website you get a message saying it cannot be found. the times sent out this tweet saying it is able to send out digital reports and the app is not affected and is still working. this is the second time this month the cite has been down and the first was because of server problems. >> energy prices are jumping as investors watch what is happening in the mid
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Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23

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